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Some of the higher notes kinda hurt but other than that...
This is really creepy with the Badgers turned on haha

Catstuffer responds:

LOL, man, I havn't even listened with the badgers! xD

Glad you liked it, and I hope your ears aren't bleeding.

Hahaha this is fantastic!

It's so happy, and yet for some reason I feel like there's something dark lying underneath :p Good job!

Catstuffer responds:

Ahh, That would likely be the off key transitions that gives you that feeling. I love to create music that gives more than one feeling. I'm thrilled that you picked up on it! :D

Thanks for reviewing!


It built up SO well to :46 and then you let it die man! I was waiting for it to explode into a ridiculously fast-paced trance/rave song but then you went back to the slower Eurogate section... If you were to speed it all up after that build-up I'd have given you a better score but this left me feeling like I was cheated almost haha

Rat5000 responds:

Tnx for a good comment and score , i willl take your advise and try to keep the temp of the next song nice and smooth


Im sitting here completely lost in this... I have a story unfolding in my head that follows this song for some reason hahaha excellent song- the brass is kinda canned though, other than that awesome!

Ignyte responds:

Hey, Thankyou very much for your Response!

and I totally agree with the trumpet sound... I'm using FL studio which is horrible for simulating instruments...

But I could find any other sound/synth/instrument that would go with it...

Perhaps I'll come back to this song one day and really give it a work over.

Thankyou though, It is really appreciated!


Was not expecting the sudden jump into the metal, thought it was going to be a soft dramatic song XD Really good though, (I still think you should try and make a dramatic song with the start :p)

xeran3 responds:

Thanx. I have an extended version of the intro im workin on now. I'll submit in when its done.

Im liking it!

The only thing that I might have changed is making the choir a bit louder, but overall excellent!

SilentTakedown responds:

The brass must be in the front, not the choir. ;)
Thanks for reviewing. :D

Really good

This is some of your first stuff? That's wayyyyyy better than most!

IndieDance responds:

yeh xD

thanks =]


i spaced out (or went into a trance I guess) within the first few seconds of listening xD Guess the song works then!

IndieDance responds:

xD wow =]

thats prolly a good thing, sept this is porlly my worst song ever xD

Pretty good, needs something explosive

At the very beggining, needs something a bit more explosive but overall pretty good. WOOOOOOOOOOT POPCORN!!!! lolgasm

Ric-Olzow responds:

Ya thats something i had trouble with the whole song, always needed more explosiveness, but i never could find the right loops for it...anyways, THANKS! YAY FOR POPCORN!!!!

I like it

This is seriously your fifth one? Its better than most FL studio veterans work! Honestly it was really cool sounding, good variety, maybe a different bass pattern wouldnt hurt from time to time, but I liked it alot! Keep it up!

memyselforwho responds:

Thanks a lot, and yeah haha only my fifth. I'm still kind of learning the basics... which is what makes your comment so great =D

I appreciate the listen and comment.

..(nervous laughter)

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